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Articles published in Current Issues in Education (CIE) are peer reviewed by the journal's adhoc reviewers. Full text of all articles are available:

Volume 11, 2009
Volume 10, 2008
Volume 9, 2006
Volume 8, 2005
Volume 7, 2004
Volume 6, 2003
Volume 5, 2002
Volume 4, 2001
Volume 3, 2000
Volume 2, 1999
Volume 1, 1998

Neither the Editors, their institutions, nor the reviewers are responsible for errors of fact or interpretation that are not normally discoverable through the traditional process of scholarly peer review.

All of our published authors control the copyrights to their published articles in Current Issues in Education. Others who wish to reprint anything they see in this journal should contact the original author directly for permission. When referencing any published articles from this online journal, please credit CIE as the original publisher and include the URL of the CIE publication in your credits and citations. Permission to copy any article is provided to all, provided CIE is credited and copies are not sold.