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Buy A Menstrual Cup: Be Bold, Be Unique

by Demi Menstrual Cups (2016-10-07)


Your Vagina is all your own, which is why this menstrual cup will make you feel like a prom queen. Don’t be afraid to be bold and be unique. Take the plunge and buy a menstrual cup. Read our sensational menstrual cup review series. Mixing up your style when when you menstruate is uniquely important, so make every period day about you!

Why buy it? THIS MENSTRUAL CUP IS GAME CHANGING. So i decided to be both bold and unique and purchased a Luna Cup. It was exactly what I needed. This menstrual cup has a pretty unique, bold design and was obtained online at a nicer price than many of the other brand name menstrual cups out there! I started out buying disposable menstrual cups from the drugstore, and those worked pretty well for me. They were different in a lot of ways from my brand new reusable menstrual cup, so I thought this uniquely designed cup would work even better. I was bold ordered the small cup in transparent, which is really more of a gorgeous shine, and hopefully won't show any stains over time. I finished up my period with this cup - I was excited about my period, for the first time in my life and felt like a Prom Queen . I could not feel the cup inside of me at all. (If you do, just re-adjust, it likely wasn't inserted correctly as I've learned) There is a learning curve, as with any new, unique menstrual product, and after a little trial and error I feel much more comfortable and bold using it. There was also a very straightforward, easy to understand menstrual cup instruction card in the package!

Ladies Your vagina really (really) wants you to buy a menstrual cup after you read this. Unique Benefit! There is no period smell. Tampons and pads just have that awful smell. Menstrual cups do not!!! My period is now a unique and pleasant experience, without the waste or hassle. There has never been a better time to buy menstrual cups. Thank you luna menstrual cup for taking care of my vagina and my periods .