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Menstrual Cups - Period Liberation

by Demi Menstrual Cups (2016-10-09)

What are Menstrual Cups and Women's Liberation from periods? National Women's periods liberation is a feminist menstrual cup group for women who want to fight back against the menstrual cycle using cups and win!

Seriously girls? Why dont you liberate yourselves from periods? Why doesn't every women on the planet know about menstrual cups. It's like this weird liberation secret -- I mentioned it jokingly in a pub the other evening, practically under my breath (while blushing), and three women in the group SQUEEEED as we all came out of the Menstrual Cup Closet and talked about our Secret Love. And one woman mentioned that she couldn't wait for her next period, and I swear, I FEEL THE SAME WAY. It's bizarre, It's real liberation women.

Why are menstrual cups a secret? Why aren't we telling EVERYONE in the group to enjoy the liberation they bring?

1. Firsty women, let's all get over that it's blood, period!. Yes, it's blood. It's coming out, one way or another. I feel liberated and have found the Menstrual Cups to be cleaner than tampons (after that first month which was a very steep red learning curve, indeed. Second month, I had it down and used it while traveling. On a plane. For reals.)

2. Don't worry that you're too heavy a bleeder. The brand packaging says most women bleed 1 to 1.4 oz a month. Me? I fill the 1 oz cup in 3-4 hours on my heavy days. No problem -- I used to have to swap tampons every 1-2 hours in the bad old days, and now I don't. Total Liberation. Quick dump, rinse, replace. (Great idea someone had about bringing a water bottle into the public stall. Or really, a little piece of paper will wipe it out just fine, replace and go, wash it when you get home.) I used to go through an entire box of tampons a month, plus pads. In less than three months, this has paid for itself.

3. Don't worry that you're not built for it. FULL FEMINIST DISCLOSURE and TMI ALERT: I have TWO cervixes (and two uteruses, two -- jealous? It's called uterus didelphis, not as uncommon as it sounds, no one even noticed in me till I was 33, and I'd had multiple ob procedures), so I wasn't sure this product would work. I even wrote to the company before I bought it, and they didn't know, either! But because the menstrual cup sits below the cervix (or cervices, in some special cases), it works. I bought menstrual cup size 2, since I'm over 30, and it fits right (see attached notes - reviews). Buy menstrual cup

4. You'll find your magical menstrual cup insertion method. You will! Mine is inserting HORIZONTALLY as they recommend, a twist while bearing down, and then letting the kegels take that puppy up to do its miraculous job.

5. If that cup stem seems uncomfortable, TURN THE MENSTRUAL CUP INSIDE OUT. I saw that recommended somewhere, and it's the secret for some of us, I'm telling you. Makes it wider and shorter, and I don't feel it at all on my period. You don't need the stem to pull it out, and it almost seems like having the stem inside the base makes it easier to grab (again, bearing down slightly is what works for me).

Golly Gosh. It's a period miracle. These are Liberating. TELL EVERYONE IN YOUR GROUP ABOUT PERIOD CUPS! Hire national feminist writers! Every feminist gal has to use menstrual cups! If just ONE of you in the group buys this because of this group review, my work to liberate you on your period will be done. And if you're some creepy guy who's grossed out after reading this because a feminist tweeted it, then, well. You deserved it, didn't you?