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Buy Menstrual Cups Online - Easy-peasy

by Demi Menstrual Cups (2016-09-30)

It's a fabulous idea to consider buying menstrual cups online and easy-peasy because these are far easier to find online, and whereas you may only be able to get one or two brands locally online and via google you have access to all the different menstrual cup brands available. Online you can also shop around for cheaper deals, whereas often physical stores will charge a little more for menstrual cups. Some online stores include stores that exclusively sell menstrual supplies like or Boots, and places like Ebay.

When I first decided to buy a menstrual cup online I bought the Diva Cup. I thought I loved it at first but I couldn't figure out how to stop the leaks. I would have to wrestle with it to get it to open all the way and I was always very aware of it when inserted. I thought I was doing something wrong so I kept trying. I eventually accidentally threw it away and went back to pads and tampons. I don't remember how but I came across some reviews of the Luna and found that a lot of people where favorably comparing it to the Diva. I decided to give it a try. IT'S EASY-PEASY TO USE! I LOVE IT! It's firmer than the Diva Cup so it opens the first time everytime. I have had ZERO LEAKS and I had to change my ultra tampons every hour. I have not even had to employ the use of a panty liner. This is revolutionary for me. I feel like my cramps are less painful now too and I can't even feel the cup inside of me. I can't say enough positive things about Luna. I wish I had tried this sooner. My Lady friends and family will be getting menstrual cups as holiday gifts.

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