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Demi Menstrual Cups

Affiliation Learn the ins and outs of menstrual cups – How do they differ from tampons and pads? I remember buying these for when i first started started to menstruate regularly. These period cup reviews made it so easy and great for young girls struggling to work out how to 'use them'.
Bio Statement The LUNA is the latest addition to my menstrual cup selection. For comparison purposes, I am 31yrs old, have never been pregnant, am 5'3", average weight, and have a moderately heavy period flow. I have used a Diva cup for a few years, and added the FemmyCycle and LUNA cup about three months ago. On my heaviest days the LUNA menstrual cup holds about 7-8 hours worth of period flow for me, the same amount as the Diva, less than Femmy. On lighter period days, I can go the full 12 hours. I had to modify my insertion technique a bit and initially found this cup a bit more difficult to insert than my Diva. After several uses, I no longer have any menstrual cup insertion issues. The stem is very flexible, but was too long for my relatively short canal, so I trimmed most of it off, maybe a bit too much. This cup is a little shorter than Diva so as it migrates slightly higher during the day I have to reach a bit more to get it out, but have not had difficulties getting out. Once in, the period cup seals in place wonderfully and I have had zero leaking issues. It is also very comfortable, after insertion no issues with feeling my cup. I have always worn a pantyliner (cloth, it rocks, but that is a different review) with my cups. I do with this one as well, but so far it has been completely redundant. With my Diva it is not uncommon to have just an occasional drop of leakage, nothing major, but a tiny bit. With this menstrual cup, nothing. It is a pretty pink color and cleans very well. The bag is an adorable little design and pattern. If you are experienced with menstrual cups, great product, good replacement/addition if you like Diva.

New menstrual cup users, this or Diva are good first cups to try. However, know that it takes some time to become comfortable with period cups. You will likely have to spend some time practicing inserting and removing in the comfort of your own home before being confident in public. Get comfortable with your body, you can't be too timid with cups. Your vajayjay is tougher than you might think, don't be afraid to manhandle the cup in. A cup doesn't slide in the same way a tampon does, it takes a little finesse. Having said that I highly recommend trying menstrual cups, they offer a freedom during your period that tampons can't and I personally believe they are safer and better for you. There are also lots of blogs and videos with tutorials on menstral cup usage. You can do it! Own your period, don't be held hostage to it! Stepping off of soapbox now.