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Diane Justin

Bio Statement Happy birthday images The call came unexpectedly. It was my fellow student, Stefan Aurich. While I was still waiting for my first noteworthy success, he had long since made it to the best-selling author with his subtle detective stories. Stefan and I had understood very well from the beginning happy birthday pictures. Many colleagues said this was mainly due to the fact that we looked very much like each other on the outside. But we were also of the same opinion on literature and art. And this is very rare in our circles.

Happy birthday images The first time we met at the Frankfurt Book Fair. That was nine years ago. Since then, we have met every now and then at readings, writer congresses or at the book fair. In addition, we had no contacts. We had telephones in all the years only two or three times. The conversation was rather short. Stefan had to travel to Lisbon. There he wanted to investigate a mysterious case, which had strikingly many parallels to his current Krimidrehbuch. Since he did not want to leave his apartment unattended for so long, he offered me to live in his apartment for the next three weeks.

The offer was very strange and it came a bit suddenly. But of course Hamburg was a special temptation. In Stefan's apartment, I could quietly write my book. I would also be able to carry out relevant milieus studies directly there. So I said briefly to.

Happy birthday images I had made a firm decision to make my book a decisive step in these three weeks. During the train journey I had set up a daily schedule, which I wanted to keep with iron discipline. Getting up at half past eight. Showers, gymnastic exercises, dressing and breakfast until nine. Then write to half past twelve. Lunch, snack, walk and rest until two o'clock. Then write until six o'clock. The rest was free. Three to four nights a week were reserved for extensive trips through St. Pauli. A few concrete experiences on my own body would certainly do my novel well.

When I arrived in the evening in Hamburg, Stefan was already in Lisbon. I picked up the apartment key from a neighbor as I had arranged. Her farewell, "Let's go well as Stefan Aurich" went on for a while, but then I placed him in the category 'Hanseatic Humor' and made it comfortable in my new domicile Happy birthday images.