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Marina Basu is a doctoral student in Learning, Literacies, and Technologies program at Arizona State University. With a background in teaching and teacher education in non-traditional settings, Marina has rich experiences in creative and integrated curriculum and pedagogy.  Her research interests span elementary education, teacher education, feminist philosophies, and critical qualitative inquiry, including arts-based research approaches.    


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Anani M. Vasquez is a veteran elementary school teacher with certifications in elementary and special education and endorsements in bilingual and gifted education. Anani has experience in pre-service and in-service teacher development and has been an instructor for university teacher education courses. She has dedicated her career to better understanding the needs of underserved populations, promoting Universal Design for Learning and differentiated instruction practices in the general/inclusion classroom and implementing problem-based and conceptually-based mathematics instruction. Anani’s goal is to promote inclusion practices by: 1) Recognizing school structures and practices that create and maintain cultures of conformity and segregation, 2) Collaboratively, with educators, students and parents, rethinking classroom practices, including online and hybrid classroom practices, towards more equitable, inclusive learning environments, 3) Rethinking educational research practices towards more equitable, inclusive teaching/learning environments, and 4) Exploring neurodiversity and creativity as potential concepts for this rethinking. In alignment with this goal, she defines her areas of specialization as neurodiversity and creativity in education and research methods.


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Blair Stamper is currently working towards her EdD in Educational Leadership and Innovation. Starting in education in 2012 as a middle school teacher, she currently works as an Instructional Designer (ID) with the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and her own company, Blair Stamper, LLC. As an ID, she works with faculty in both higher education and K-12 to create student-centered and active online courses that align with high-quality standards. Blair's mission as an Instructional Designer is to provide research-based best practices to faculty and build courses where all students can succeed. This mission has propelled her to become the research lead on her team. Blair's dissertation topic involves integrating active learning strategies in an online STEM course and its relationship with a students' STEM identity.

ASSOCIATE EDITOR | Ivonne Lujano Vilchis

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Ivonne Lujano Vilchis is a PhD student in Education Policy and Evaluation, and a Research Assistant at Arizona State University. She has worked in scholarly communication and open access publishing initiatives since 2011. Her involvement as an ambassador of the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) in Latin America has allowed her to collaborate with several universities and government agencies on the adoption of best practice for scholarly publications, and open science policies. She has taught in public and private universities in Mexico. Ivonne also has a background in dance; she is currently an amateur tango dancer. Her research interests focus on higher education systems, research evaluation, science policy, scholarly communication, and open access. 

MANAGING EDITOR | Dr. Stephanie McBride-Schreiner

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Stephanie McBride-Schreiner is the Scholarly Communications Publications Manager for the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College at Arizona State University (ASU). A former children’s program coordinator and site manager for the City of Tempe’s Kid Zone, she now manages the College’s open access scholarly journals of education. Stephanie holds a Graduate Certificate in Scholarly Publishing and a PhD in history from Arizona State University, and has served on the editorial team of journals published by the University of Nebraska Press, Elsevier, and the Division on Autism and Developmental Disabilities. She is also a contract historian and editor who has authored books for local non-profits and edited books and articles published by commercial publishers such as Palgrave, Routledge, and Springer. Stephanie is a strong proponent of diamond open access scholarly communications and knowledge mobilization.

FACULTY ADVISOR | Dr. Josephine Marsh

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Josephine Peyton Marsh is an associate professor of literacy education in the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College at Arizona State University (ASU) and chair of the Leadership and Innovation Ed.D. program. She received her doctorate from the University of Georgia in Reading Education after teaching literacy to students in grades 5-12 for more than 10 years. Dr. Marsh came to ASU in 1998 where she teaches literacy education courses, mentors doctoral students, and consults with local school districts about infusing literacy instruction into content-area teaching. She was the Professor in Residence at Arizona State University Preparatory Academy for six years (2010-2016). In this role, she was embedded in the school and worked with teachers, administrators, and students to develop and refine a school culture and curriculum.  She also engaged with teachers to solve urgent problems of practice related to literacy instruction and engagement.  She used qualitative and action research methods to build knowledge about literacy instructional methods and the school transformation process. Dr. Marsh's recent and upcoming publications and presentations focus on her work at ASU Prep including literacy professional development and peer coaching, sustaining literacy communities of practice for professional growth, adolescent literacy engagement and learning, and the impact of practitioner research in and on local educational settings.   

Her past research projects include critical discourse analyses of gender and qualitative research on adolescent literacy practices. She was recognized for her integration of scholarship and teaching by Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College in 2014 and received the 2016 Founders' Day Award for Faculty Achievement Service Award from the ASU Alumni Association. 

FACULTY ADVISOR | Dr. Leigh Graves Wolf 

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Leigh Graves Wolf is teacher-scholar and her work centers around online education, K12 teacher professional development and relationships mediated by and with technology. She has worked across the educational spectrum from K12 to Higher to further and lifelong. She has been a disc jockey, network administrator, teacher, instructional technologist and now professor. She believes passionately in collaboration and community. Leigh is a Clinical Associate Professor in the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College Educational Leadership & Innovation EdD program and a faculty fellow with the Office of Scholarship and Innovation.  

Leigh shares all of her work and ideas publicly on her blogtwitter& flickr.