2011 Highlights


Dear Current Issues in Education authors, reviewers and readers:

On behalf of the 2012 CIE editorial team, we want to thank you all for contributing to a productive publication year in 2011.  The purpose of this update is to share some of CIE's highlights from 2011 and discuss our plans for 2012.  As we transition into the 2012 publication year with a new executive staff, we would like to acknowledge the hard work and collaborative efforts that make CIE possible.  We therefore extend thanks and appreciation to all of the authors, reviewers, readers, graduate staff, faculty and support service personnel who contribute their time, expertise, generosity, and consideration to all of us here at CIE.  

If you have not already done so, we invite and encourage you to register on CIE's website to join in our scholarly work in the 2012 academic year. 

Here are some highlights from 2011 and some of our plans for next year.


Over the course of this past year, we have increased our number of registered users, and we have worked hard to reach more readers and authors as well.  To increase the visibility of our journal and to generate more interest in the scholarly activities that take place through CIE, we are now maintaining a CIE Twitter account: Twitter@CIE_ASU.  Since the inception of the Twitter account in 2011, we have gained and continue to gain a following via social networking.  We update Twitter to reflect the progress of our journal and to inform our followers of upcoming publications and other important journal happenings. 


Executive staff from 2011 also attended the Journal Talks session at AERA in New Orleans last year to provide information, increase visibility and answer questions about our journal.  The executive staff for 2012 will continue this tradition by representing CIE in Vancouver in April. 


We plan to increase CIE's visibility further by continually sharing information about our journal with the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College community at ASU and by reaching out to academic education departments across the globe.  Further, we have and will continue to improve our presence in scholarly indexes.  By the end of the Spring 2012 semester, we plan to have all of our archived articles (1998-present) re-formatted and available via PDF on EBSCOhost.  We believe this is only just the beginning of reaching the scholarly community in a more transparent and accessible way.


Publication Processes:

We are proud to report that in comparing our publication process from 2010 to that in 2011, the time duration of the review process has decreased dramatically.  This is indicative of the hard work and support of our graduate staff and our dedicated peer reviewers.  The decreased review time also reflects our efforts to welcome more peer reviewers to join us in the challenging and important work that we do at CIE.  We will continue to reach out to potential peer reviewers who serve as faculty members at both national and international universities. 


Likewise, the length of the publication process for accepted articles between 2010 and 2011 has decreased as well.  As we begin the 2012 journal year with the first article for our 15th volume of Current Issues in Education, we will continue to work hard to streamline the review and publication process so that the important work that we publish reaches interested audiences more quickly and efficiently.

Here are some other key highlights from the 2011 publication year:


  • We published 44 new articles.
  • 83 scholars were published in CIE.
  • 102 submissions were not accepted for publication, representing a 30% acceptance rate.
  • CIE is present in the Directory of Open Access Journals and has been since 1998.
  • EBSCOhost is in the process of adding CIE to its catalogue, including re-formatted articles from 1998-present.


Processes and Procedures:

  • We published 3 Issues in Volume 14 of CIE.
  • We publish articles on a revolving basis and produce one volume per year and three issues per volume. Issue No. 1 spans the ASU Spring semester. Issue No. 2 spans the ASU summer months. Issue No. 3 spans the ASU Fall semester.
  • We updated the appearance of our published articles, opting for a more sleek, professional look.
  • We added additional authentications checks to our publication processes, ensuring greater integrity of scholarship.
  • On average, authors received notification of acceptance/rejection 65 days after submitting their manuscripts.
  • The average time between submission, revision, and publication is 85 days.


We thank you all again for your continued support of Current Issues in Education.  We are looking forward to an outstanding 2012 publication year!