2012 Highlights Report


Dear authors, reviewers and readers of Current Issues in Education:

On behalf of the 2013 CIE editorial team, we want to thank you all for contributing to an outstanding publication year in 2012.  The purpose of this highlights report is to thank all of the people who make our publication possible and to share some of CIE's process and publication information from 2012.

As we transition into the 2013 publication year and prepare to open Volume 16, Issue 1, we would like to acknowledge the hard work and collaborative efforts that make CIE possible.  We therefore extend thanks and appreciation to all of the authors, reviewers, readers, graduate staff, faculty and support service personnel who contribute their time, expertise, generosity, and consideration to all of us here at CIE.  At the end of this report, we’ve included a full list of internal staff and external reviewers who have served CIE throughout the year.  We are indebted to their service and are extremely thankful for their outstanding support.

Here are some highlights from 2012:


This year, several members of the Executive staff represented CIE at AERA’s Journal Talks in Vancouver (April 2012).  CIE will return to AERA and Journal Talks in the spring of 2013 in San Francisco.  We’ve found that Journal Talks provides a fantastic opportunity to commence discussion with authors, potential reviewers, and the editors of other scholarly, peer reviewed journals.  Journal Talks is also a great space in which to discuss the benefits of publishing in and reviewing manuscripts for open access journals like CIE.

Over the course of this past year, we have increased our number of registered users by 554 subscribers, and we now have over 2,200 subscribers total.  We have also greatly increased the number of reviewers who volunteer to serve in the blind peer review process.

Registration and reviewer counts provide just one way for us to gauge the growth of our visibility and publication as a whole. As a completely free, open access journal, anyone can browse, read, and download the articles published on the CIE website.  Therein, we have begun to utilize Google Analytics to graph trends in terms of website access and readership.

Using Google Analytics, we have found:

·      The CIE website received between 9,000 and 14,000 visitors per month this year, 83% of whom are unique visitors.

·      Most of our readers are accessing the site in the United States.  We also have readers in nations like the Philippines, India, Malaysia, the United Kingdom, Canada, Pakistan, Australia, Indonesia, Turkey, Kenya, Tunisia, Jamaica, China, Hong Kong, Nigeria, Germany, Thailand, and Greece.

Indexing Progress

CIE is now indexed in all of the following directories:

·      Cabells Directory of Publishing Opportunities (Educational

Psychology and Administration)

·      Directory of Open Access Journals

·      Educational Research Abstracts Online

·      Education Research Global Observatory

·      EBSCOhost

·      ERIC

·      Genamics JournalSeek

·      H.W. Wilson

·      SCImago Journal Ranking

·      Ulrich’s Periodicals Dictionary

We will continue to work with indexing institutions to make our author’s work most accessible across scholarly indexes.

Technology Updates

Our website received an update and a new look this year. We worked to increase the accessibility of our authors’ work and allow readers to download and read published articles on their mobile devices with ease.  Since we adapted the website for mobile use in September of 2012, we’ve found that approximately 8% of our readers are accessing the site with mobile devices like smart phones and tablets.

Social media has helped us help attract readers, authors, and reviewers to CIE to share in the wide range of remarkable scholarship that we publish. With linking capabilities, we now share links to newly published CIE manuscripts and other important journal news via Twitter and our new Facebook and Academic.edu pages simultaneously.

Twitter—Follow us at: @CIE_ASU  

Facebook—Visit us at:  http://www.facebook.com/cieasu

Academia.edu—Follow us at: http://asu.academia.edu/CurrentIssuesinEducationCIE

If you have not already done so, we invite and encourage you to register on CIE's website to join in our scholarly work in the 2013 academic year. 

We plan to increase CIE's visibility further by continually sharing information about our journal with the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College community at ASU and by reaching out to academic education departments across the globe. 

Time to Publication

With the hard work and support of our graduate staff and our dedicated peer reviewers, we are proud to share the following time to publication data from 2012:

·      5-10 day average for internal review

·      56 day average for blind peer review (from initial submission date to author contact with decision and reviewer feedback)

·      170 day average time to publication (from initial submission through blinded review, revisions, second review, authentications, copyediting, layout, proofreading, and publication)

Our short review time also reflects our efforts to welcome more peer reviewers to join us in the challenging and important work that we do at CIE.  We will continue to reach out to potential peer reviewers who serve as faculty members at both national and international universities.  If you are interested in serving as a peer reviewer for CIE in 2013, please register as a reviewer here


The following data reflects information on publications, submissions, and acceptance rates for CIE in 2012:

·      218 manuscripts were received

·      61 are currently under review

·      34 manuscripts were published, reflecting the work of 61 authors from 41 universities

·      21.5% acceptance rate (down from 30% in 2011)

·      We published 3 Issues in Volume 15 of CIE.

·      We publish articles on a revolving basis and produce one volume per year and three issues per volume. Issue 15.1 spans the ASU Spring semester. Issue 15.2 spans the ASU summer months. Issue 15.3 spans the ASU Fall semester.

We thank you all again for your continued support of Current Issues in Education.  We are looking forward to an outstanding 2013 publication year!

We have all of the following staff and reviewers to thank for their service in 2012:


Joy Anderson

Hillary Andrelchik

Meg Burke

Laura Busby

Michelle Crowley

Dr. Gustavo Fischman

Evan Fishman

Catherine Gay

Ayfer Gokalp

David Hernandez-Saca

Kathleen Hill

Melinda A. Hollis

Monica Keyes

Sultan Kilinc

Younsu Kim

Lisa Lacy

Victoria Lucero

Bonnie Mazza

Dr. Jeanne Powers

Stephanie Quintero

Elizabeth Reyes

Rory O’Neill Schmitt

Melisa Tarango

Andrew J. Thomas

Lucinda Watson



Aarti Ajaj

John Ameer

Derek Anderson

Kenneth Anthony

Shannon Audley-Piotrowski

Gonzalo Bacigalupe

Mona Bapat

Nancy Baptiste

Brian Barber

Oliver Bateman

Alfredo Bautista

Pena Bedesem

Lisa Bertrand

Russell Binkley

Yasur Bodur

Lori Boyland

Katherine Broton

Leticia Burbano de Lara

Jamie Burke

Peter Burke

Kathryn Byrnes

Rubin Caceres

David Carlson

Stacy Carter

Guadalupe Chavez

Caroline Chiccarelli

Kathleen Clark

John Collins

Kim Creasy

Hazel Crichton

Maureen Cronin-Wmscornelius

Michelle Crowley

Mariana Cruz

Debbie Dailey

Mae Daniel

Kathryn Degner

Lisa D'Souza

Susan Drake   

Gulay Dalgic

Paula Dawidowicz

Lenay Dunn

Mary Erickson

Scott Fellows

Lisa Finnegan

Ericka Fisher

Jason Fitzgerald

John Freeman

Clayton Funk 

Sonya Gaches

Andrew Gardner

Dennis Garland

Monir Georgi

Maureen Gerard

Amy Golden

Frances Gonzalez-Garcia

Allison Gunter

Caroline Hagen

Doug Hamman

Bonnie Hamwi

Patricia Hanna

Jana Hanson

Jaleh Hassaskhah

Kenneth Hayes

Elizabeth Hinde

Mary Hood

Julian Horton

Amy Hsu

Christa Jackson

George Jawuor

Barbara Johnson

Leman Kaniturk Kose

Kristina Kaufman

Matthew Kenney

Denis Khasu

BJ Kimbrough

Phillips Koh

Ravinder Koul

Matt LaPlaca

Diana LaRocco

Abigail Larrison

William Lee

Yeonjoo Lee

Xiabin Li

Su Liang

Yung-Wei Lin

Miguel Lopez

Twila Lukowiak

Erik Malewski

Helen Malone

Robert Marino

Sherry Marx

Patricia Mason

Cynthia McCormick

Erica McDonald

Lila McDowell

Kyann McMillie

Richard Mehrenberg

Tynisha Meidl

Mark Minott

Barbara Moody

Tonya Moon

Diane Myers

Elizabeth Nagel

Debbie Nicholas

Chase Nordengren

Leigh O'Brien

Sinan Olkun

Evan Ortlieb

Murat Oztok

Sangeeta Pant

Michelle Peters

Michelle Prytula

Chang Pu

Scot Rademaker

Beverly Ray       

Jan Ray

Maria Reyes

Sydney Richardson

Andree Robinson-Neal

Dana Rolison

Erin Rooney

Chloe Ruff

Muhammed Sarwar

Takahito Sawada

Christine Schnittka

Ashok Sharma

Jill Smith

William Smith

Sharon Stevens

Jean Stockard

David Stoloff

Angela Stone-MacDonald

Martha Strickland

Bruce Strom

Susan Szabo

Katalin Szelenyi

Kim Tabari

Judy Tang

Bill Thornton

Christine Tinner

Aaron Toscano

Paul Turton

David Velky

Elaine Wang

Susan Weinstein

Amy White

Regina Williams

Kathleen Winterman

Kaya Yilmaz