2013 Highlights


2013 Highlights Report


Dear authors, reviewers, and readers of Current Issues in Education:


The members of the 2013 CIE editorial staff would like to extend their warmest thanks and appreciation to everyone who helped to make our 2013 publication year possible.  Current Issues in Education would not exist or function without the remarkable commitment of many people who labor regularly behind the scenes to ensure the current flow and plan for the future of our journal. And so, as we transition into the 2014 publication year and prepare to open Volume 17, Issue 1, we would like to commend the dedicated and collaborative efforts that made all three issues of Volume 16 a success. We therefore extend our thanks and appreciation to all of the authors, reviewers, readers, graduate staff, volunteers, faculty and support service personnel who graciously offer their time, expertise, and support to all of us here at Current Issues and Education.


We compiled this report in order to document our progresses and procedures in the 2013 publication year.



Journal Talks

Over the years, the staff has found that AERA’s Journal Talks provides a fantastic opportunity to launch further discussion with authors, potential reviewers, and editors of other scholarly, peer reviewed, and open access journals. This year, several members of CIE’s Executive Staff represented the journal at AERA’s Journal Talks in San Francisco (April 2013). Next year, CIE’s Executive Editors will represent CIE at AERA in Philadelphia (April 2014).


Registered Subscribers

Over the course of the 2013 publication year, we increased our number of registered readers by 594 subscribers.


Peer Reviewers

The entire graduate staff participated in reviewer recruitment this year, and we therein increased the number of reviewers who volunteer to serve in the blind review process as well.  If you are interested in serving CIE as a peer reviewer, please contact the spring 2014 Executive Editors, Elizabeth Reyes and Constantin Schreiber, at cia@asu.edu.


Google Analytics

Using Google Analytics, we have found:

The CIE website experienced on average 11,000 visitors per month (9,500 of them first-time, unique visitors).


The majority of CIE’s readers are accessing the site in the United States. Using Google Analytics, we can see that we also have readers in other countries, including the Philippines, India, Malaysia, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Pakistan, Indonesia, Turkey, South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, China, Iran, Singapore, Germany, Thailand, Hong Kong, Jamaica, Israel, Greece, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, and New Zealand.



Since 2012, CIE has been indexed in all of the following directories:

·      Cabells Directory of Publishing Opportunities (Educational

Psychology and Administration)

·      Directory of Open Access Journals

·      Educational Research Abstracts Online

·      Education Research Global Observatory

·      EBSCOhost

·      ERIC

·      Genamics JournalSeek

·      H.W. Wilson

·      SCImago Journal Ranking

·      Ulrich’s Periodicals Dictionary


Social Media

With linking capabilities, we regularly share links to newly published CIE manuscripts and other important journal news across social media outlets. It is our hope that social media will continue to help attract readers, authors, and reviewers to CIE. Our presence has increased this year in Twitter, Facebook, and Academia.edu. 


Twitter—Follow us at: @CIE_ASU  

 Facebook—Visit us at:  http://www.facebook.com/cieasu

Academia.edu—Follow us at: http://asu.academia.edu/CurrentIssuesinEducationCIE

If you have not already done so, we invite and encourage you to register on CIE's website to join in our scholarly work in the 2014 academic year. 


We plan to increase CIE's visibility further by continually sharing information about our journal with the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College community at ASU and by reaching out to academic education departments across the globe. 


Processes and Procedures

Time to Publication

With the hard work and support of our graduate staff and our dedicated peer reviewers, we are proud to share the following time to publication data from 2013:

·      5-10 day average for internal review

·      70 day average for blind peer review (from initial submission date to author contact with decision and reviewer feedback)

·      167 day average time to publication (from initial submission through blinded review, revisions, second review, and publication)


Our short review time also reflects our efforts to welcome more peer reviewers to join us in the challenging and important work that we do at CIE.  We will continue to reach out to potential peer reviewers who serve as faculty members at both national and international universities.


Submission and Publication Rates

The following data reflects information on publications, submissions, and acceptance rates for CIE in 2013:

·      190 manuscripts were received

·      45 manuscripts were published

·      24% acceptance rate

·      40 manuscripts are currently under review

·      We published 3 Issues in Volume 16 of CIE.

·      We publish articles on a revolving basis and produce one volume per year and three issues per volume. Issue No. 1 spans the ASU Spring semester. Issue No. 2 spans the ASU summer months. Issue No. 3 spans the ASU Fall semester.


We thank you all again for your continued support of Current Issues in Education.  We are looking forward to an outstanding 2014 publication year!