Editorial: Welcome to Issue 17.3


Dear readers, authors, and contributors to Current Issues in Education,

Welcome to Issue 17.3 of CIE, which we will roll out soon. We are in the fortunate position to receive many high-quality submissions that are considered for publication and thank the authors for their contributions to CIE. The diversity of research topics and issues that has been addressed in the publications is astonishing and we believe that CIE does provide a very unbiased platform for all types of educational resarch.

Unfortunately, we are currently not able to move submissions into peer review immediately. In fact, we have a relatively long queue and we are pushing the limits given our current staff size. While we are happy to be considered as a place for publication by so many authors, we also want to ensure that manuscripts do not spend too much time in our queue for peer-review. Therefore, we announce a submission hiatus until February 1st, 2014, meaning that no manuscript submissions will be accepted before then. If we move through our manuscript queue more quickly than anticipated, we will open our journal up for submissions again sooner and announce it here.


We are also announcing editorial changes. Co-Executive Editor Elizabeth Reyes left the journal and we thank her for her outstanding service for many years. Assistant Executive Editor Kevin Raso stepped down to Section Editor due to other exciting commitments. During the coming academic year, the journal will be lead by Executive Editor Constantin Schreiber and Assistant Executive Editor Anna Cirell.


The new team is looking forward to Issue 17.3 and to the new volume 18 which we will open in January.


Constantin Schreiber

Executive Editor