Editorial: Welcome to Issue 21.1  


Dear readers, authors, and contributors to Current Issues in Education,  

The Winter of 2019 and Spring of 2020 arrived with unexpected challenges for all of us.  Through these challenges, a steadfast team persisted to relaunch Current Issues in Education. This issue is the result of a sustained community effort and we would like to thank several people who have made this issue possible:    

  • Neelakshi Tewari, Education Policy and Evaluation doctoral student for leading the journal through the hiatus and helping to generate community interest around the relaunch.  
  • Dr. Stephanie McBride-Schreiner, Scholarly Communications Publication Manager, for her institutional knowledge of the journal and publication support. 
  • The Office of Innovation and Scholarship for providing technical support to the journal. Specifically, Dr. Punya Mishra for his enthusiastic support of the relaunch and Dr. Clarin Collins for her assistance with organizing the review-a-thon.  
  • Dr. Mirka Koro, Director of Doctoral Programs for providing doctoral student support. 
  • Dean Carole Basile for her continuing support of open access scholarship in the college.  

While the journal was on hiatus, a backlog of manuscript submissions had accumulated. In mid-December 2019, 30 students, faculty, and staff members at Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College volunteered to participate in a one week “review-a-thon.” During this time, manuscripts were sent out for anonymous peer review and reviewers had one week to read and provide feedback. After the week had passed, we held a virtual and in-person review-a-thon where reviewers had an 8-hour window to submit their decisions and feedback.  The timely participation was phenomenal.  We would sincerely like to thank the review-a-thon volunteers (who are named at the end of this introduction) for their thoughtful and timely feedback. This model worked so well, that we are considering it for a standard review practice moving forward.  

On the topic of moving forward, we would like to formally introduce the new CIE student leadership team to our readers.  We are looking forward to the team working together in the fall to continue the reinvention of CIE.  

Lead Editor – Marina Basu 
Consulting Lead Editor – Neelakshi Tewari 

Section Editors 
Educational Policy and Evaluation – Ivonne Lujano Vilchis  
Leadership & Innovation – Renee Bhatti-Klug 
Learning, Literacies and Technologies – Ananí Vasquez  
Reviewer Board 
Monica Kessel  
Sarah Salinas  
Helene Shapiro 
Blair Stamper 
Melissa Warr 

For the relaunch, we are also reopening the portal for new submissions. Authors interested in submitting manuscripts for consideration  should carefully review the submission checklist and author guidelines here

In this issue you will find four articles from diverse perspectives of education.  We would like to thank the authors for their patience and persistence through the submission and review process and appreciate their contributions to open scholarship.   

Moving forward, this summer you can anticipate articles being released from the special issue Shaping the Futures of Learning in the Digital Age. Then, the next full issue of CIE will launch in Fall 2020. 

We would sincerely like to thank the authors for their contributions, and thank our readers for their continued interest and support of CIE.  


Neelakshi Tewari, CIE Editor  
Leigh Graves Wolf, PhD - CIE Faculty Advisor  
Josephine Marsh, PhD -  CIE Faculty Advisor  

Review-a-thon Volunteers 

Kristen Arnold  
Tara Bartlett  
Chris Brooks
Mary Mathis Burnett  
William Butler  
April Camping  
Jacquelyn Christy  
Kevin Close  
Clarin Collins  
Kelly Davis  
Ashley Dominguez  
Sherman Dorn  
Barbara Fitzgerald  
Andrea Fossum  
Norman Gibbs  
Philip Griswold  
Monica Kessel  
Yoonhee Lee  
Diana Reed  
Steve Salik  
Frank Serafini  
Seungki Shin  
Theresa Stager  
Melissa Strong  
Neelakshi Tewari  
Jennifer Treptow  
Patty Violi  
Melissa Warr  
Alison Witherspoon  
Lisa Yanez-Fox