Special Issue: Student Journals and Editors – Call for Papers


Student-run academic journals have a challenging existence and barely documented history. Due to limited funding and frequent turnover, these journals are severely underrepresented in academic discourse. Despite these obstacles, student-run academic journals are vibrant and productive spaces for scholarship - for both the editors and authors. While there is an abundance of options for the production of scholarship, fostering a fertile environment for student-run journals is essential for the growth and development of scholars. The flexibility of student-run journals (many of which are open access) provides a unique opportunity and space for a diversity of modes and representation of scholarship and scholars. The purpose of this Special Issue is to advance and elevate the status of student-run academic journals in any field or discipline, as well as to discover and share strengths, solutions, and best practices.


We seek contributions that expand the knowledge of undergraduate and graduate student journals’ publishing. Potential topics for the Special Issue include but are not limited to:


  • Student editor narratives: Learning experiences and professional perspectives of editors and editorial boards.
  • Historical overview of student-led journals.
  • The impact of editorships in student trajectories.
  • National and international comparative studies of student journals.
  • Student journals as spaces that break down barriers between research, teaching, and practice.
  • Publication pedagogies, mentorship, collaborative learning, institutional support and student journals. 
  • Student journals and digital technologies. 
  • Open Access and student-led publications. 


Quantitative and qualitative empirical studies, essays, systematic literature reviews, and commentaries are welcome. Manuscripts should not have been previously published or under consideration elsewhere; they should be written in the English language. Contributions may start from 1,500 words for commentaries and 3,500 for the essays, cases of study or others.


Authors should follow the CIE’s submission guidelines. All the manuscripts will be submitted to our usual review procedures, i.e., editorial and peer review processes. 


Submissions must be sent to ilujanov@asu.edu and cie@asu.edu 


Closing date for submissions: March 15, 2023