Elementary Mathematics Teachers' Knowledge of Equity Pedagogy


  • Christa Jackson University of Kentucky


equity pedagogy, African American students, elementary education


Currently, mathematics instruction in U.S. classrooms is far from achieving equity for African American students. This qualitative study reports the results of eight successful elementary mathematics teachers knowledge of equity pedagogy, specifically their knowledge of culturally relevant pedagogy, cultural competence, and critical consciousness. Teachers knowledge of equity pedagogy was examined using interview data. The results of this study revealed that successful mathematics teachers of African American students have knowledge of equity pedagogy. Implications for teacher preparation and professional development programs are discussed.

Author Biography

Christa Jackson, University of Kentucky

Christa Jackson is an Assistant Professor in Mathematics Education in the STEM Education Department at the University of Kentucky. She teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in mathematics education. Her research conceptualizes teachers knowledge of equity, specifically in teaching mathematics to African American students. Her work focuses on effective mathematics instruction at the elementary and middle levels, strategies to help students who struggle in mathematics and prospective mathematics teachers conceptions of equity.




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