Updated Perspectives on Educational Diagnosticians' Understanding of Reading Assessments

  • Jessica A Rueter The University of Texas at Tyler
  • Rochell R. McWhorter The University of Texas at Tyler
  • John H. Lamb The University of Texas at Tyler
  • Frank O. Dykes The University of Texas at Tyler
Keywords: educational diagnosticians, reading assessments, learning disabilities, instrument selection, reading disorders, phonological awareness, phonemic awareness, reading fluency, prosody, mixed methods


Chappell, Stephens, Kinnison, and Pettigrew (2009) conducted a study investigating educational diagnosticians knowledge of early reading development. Our study replicated the work of Chappell et al. through a mixed methods design that investigated educational diagnosticians perceptions and knowledge of early reading development. Additionally, our study sought to gain a better understanding of how educational diagnosticians selected assessment instruments. Our findings suggested that educational diagnosticians may lack understanding of the early developmental processes of reading and that there may be limited use of diagnostic assessment instruments when evaluating students who are struggling to read.

Author Biography

Jessica A Rueter, The University of Texas at Tyler

School of Education

Assistant Professor, Special Education

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Rueter, J., McWhorter, R., Lamb, J., & Dykes, F. (2016). Updated Perspectives on Educational Diagnosticians’ Understanding of Reading Assessments. Current Issues in Education, 19(1). Retrieved from https://cie.asu.edu/ojs/index.php/cieatasu/article/view/1450