Introduction: Shaping the Futures of Learning in the Digital Age


  • Samantha Adams Becker Arizona State University
  • Sean M. Leahy Arizona State University
  • Kim Flintoff Curtin University
  • Ben Scragg Arizona State University


ShapingEDU, humanizing, learning


The ShapingEDU community was established in 2018, with a call to action for a global gathering of Dreamers, Doers and Drivers. This diverse group came together and began to form a new vision for the pathways to the future of a more connected and relevant global approach to education. Emerging from this group was the vision that learning and teaching are inherently human activities, and that even in an increasingly digital and regulated world, all learning should support and enhance our development as people, communities, and societies. This brief introduction outlines the driving factors that brought forth the call for proposals, and provides a contextual grounding for the first selection of papers to be included in this first installment of the special issue.

Author Biographies

Samantha Adams Becker, Arizona State University

Executive Director, Creative & Communications; Community Director, ShapingEDU

Sean M. Leahy, Arizona State University

Director of Technology Initiatives

Kim Flintoff, Curtin University

Learning Futures Advisor

Ben Scragg, Arizona State University

Director of Design Initiatives




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Adams Becker, S. ., Leahy, S. ., Flintoff, K., & Scragg, B. . (2020). Introduction: Shaping the Futures of Learning in the Digital Age. Current Issues in Education, 21(2 (Sp Iss). Retrieved from



Shaping the Futures of Learning in the Digital Age