Web-Based CALL to Listening Comprehension

  • Li-Mei Chen Valdosta State University
  • Ruiming Zhang Guangzhou University
Keywords: listening comprehension, Web-based learning, CALL


This paper reports on a study which investigated the effectiveness of Web-based computer assisted language learning (CALL) on tertiary studentsâ listening comprehension. Both studentsâ academic performance and attitudes were examined at the end of the Web-based CALL. While t tests were used to analyze the results of studentsâ academic performance, descriptive statistics interpreted studentsâ attitudes toward this learning. Although there was no significant difference between the students employing the Web-based CALL and the students using the traditional method, the students responded to the Web-based CALL positively, and the lower-level students, compared to their higher-level peers, were more motivated to practice listening comprehension under the Web-based CALL environment. This paper ends with discussions of potential issues that need to be taken into account and recommendations for future implementation and studies.
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