Making the transition from traditional to home schooling: Home school family motivations


  • Kenneth Vance Anthony Mississippi State University
  • Susie Burroughs Mississippi State University


Home Education, Home Schooling, Motivations, Parental Control, Flexibility, Curriculum


This study examined the motivations of families that operate home schools. Four intact, religiously conservative families were interviewed and observed over one year. Findings showed that families were motivated by multiple factors to leave traditional schooling and begin home schooling. Additionally, the motivations to home school influenced the familiesâ instructional practices. Finally, results indicated that the decision to home school was a positive decision for the families, not an outright rejection of traditional schooling. This study reveals the complex motivations to home school and may assist administrators, teachers, and policymakers in traditional schools induct and retain families considering home schooling.

Author Biographies

Kenneth Vance Anthony, Mississippi State University

Assistant Professor of Military Science Department of Military Science Mississippi State University Adjunct Faculty University of Maryland University College- Europe

Susie Burroughs, Mississippi State University

Associate Professor of Education and Interim Department Head Department of Curriculum, Instruction and Special Education College of Education




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