The De-Emphasis on Social Studies in Elementary Schools: Teacher Candidate Perspective


  • Amy J Good University of North Carolina Charlotte
  • Tina Heafner UNC-Charlotte
  • Tracy Rock UNC-Charlotte
  • Katherine A. O'Connor East Carolina University
  • Jeff Passe Towson University
  • Scott Waring University of Central Florida
  • Sandra Byrd UNC-Asheville


Social Studies, Elementary, Teacher Preparation, Marginalization, Instructional Time, Integration, Social Studies Instruction


The de-valuing of social studies is becoming prevalent as schools shift emphasis to other subjects addressing national and state accountability. The teacher candidate perspective is presented from an original study regarding the de-emphasis of social studies in elementary schools (Author, et al, 2006). Data were gathered by teacher candidates during their clinical experiences, from five teacher preparation programs in North Carolina. Teacher candidates recognized difficulty in finding instructional time for the entire curriculum, conveyed social studies is de-valued in the elementary curriculum, stated integration is important to social studies instruction, and recognized it is their responsibility social studies is taught.

Author Biographies

Amy J Good, University of North Carolina Charlotte

Aepartment of Reading and Elementary Education Associate Professor

Tina Heafner, UNC-Charlotte

Tina is an Associate Professor of Social Studies Education in the Department of Middle School, Secondary, and K-12 Education

Tracy Rock, UNC-Charlotte

Tracy is an Associate Professor in the Reading and Elementary Education Department

Katherine A. O'Connor, East Carolina University

Katherine is an Associate Professor in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction

Jeff Passe, Towson University

Jeff is Professor and Chair of the Department of Secondary Education

Scott Waring, University of Central Florida

Scott is an Associate Professor in the Department of Teaching and Learning Principles

Sandra Byrd, UNC-Asheville

Sandra Byrd is the Assistant Provost for Graduate and Continuing Education Program at UNC Asheville and associate professor of education.




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Good, A. J., Heafner, T., Rock, T., O’Connor, K. A., Passe, J., Waring, S., & Byrd, S. (2010). The De-Emphasis on Social Studies in Elementary Schools: Teacher Candidate Perspective. Current Issues in Education, 13(4). Retrieved from