Editorial & Ejournals Today: Forerunners of the Unrealized Potential of the Digital Medium


  • Tirupalavanam G. Ganesh Arizona State University
  • Tara A. Jennings Arizona State University


  This study uses the foreign language classroom to examine students' beliefs about learning, perceptions of goal attainment, and motivation to continue language study. Survey and interview results indicated students’ attributions for success and failure and their expectations for certain subjects’ learnability played a role in the relationship between goal attainment and volition. It appears that over-effaciousness negatively affected student motivation. For other students who felt they were "bad at languages," their negative beliefs increased their motivation to study. Suggestions for how these results apply to other disciplines and interventions for increasing student motivation are offered.

Author Biographies

Tirupalavanam G. Ganesh, Arizona State University

Tara A. Jennings, Arizona State University

Tara Jennings is a doctoral student in the Measurement, Statistics and Methodological Studies program at Arizona State University. She is currently working on projects related to data visualization, geographic information systems, and issues surrounding assessment of academic achievement. Her research interests include classroom psychosocial environment, teacher and student expectations, and self-concept among school aged children. Tara may be reached at tara.j@asu.edu.


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