Rising College Costs and an Illinois Effort to Control Them: A Preliminary Review


  • Teresa Lynn North University of Phoenix


college tuition, controlling college costs, guaranteed tuition program


Rising college costs are of increasing concern. At the 12 public universities in Illinois, average increases in tuition were modest, generally in the 4% range, until 1999 when individual campuses begin to increase tuition at double digit rates. In 2002-2003, the overall average increase in tuition/fees more than doubled at 13.79%. In an effort to provide students/families with a more predictable college education cost and moderate the rising costs of a college education, WIU began a 4-year tuition, student fees, and room/board (all-costs) rate guarantee program in Fall 1999. Following the perceived success of this model, which is ascertained in this study, the State mandated that all public universities in Illinois offer a 4-year guarantee for tuition beginning Fall 2004.

Author Biography

Teresa Lynn North, University of Phoenix

Dr. North earned a PhD in Nutrition from the University of California – Davis in 1984 and a PhD in Higher Education Leadership from Capella University in 2007. From 1984-2012, Dr. North served as a faculty member and later assessment coordinator at Western Illinois University where this research was conducted. Now an adjunct online doctoral faculty member for University of Phoenix, Dr. North is able to make the results of previous work at Western Illinois University public and will continue to review efforts in Illinois to rein in the escalating costs of public higher education.




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