“More Than Just Farmers”: Rural Agrarian University Students’ Sense of Community


  • Morgan Chesbro Kansas State University


rural, agrarian, literacy community, rural student, agrarian student, Theory of Place, narrative inquiry, university community


This study utilizes narrative inquiry to interrogate the differences between the home and academic literacies of rural agrarian students. In particular, I have investigated how they navigate those differences in order to function successfully in more urbanized university settings.  Using purposeful survey and convenience sampling, two rural agrarian students were identified for participation. Data from in-depth interviews and observations were woven into a narrative for each student. The study revealed that both participants formed communities of fellow rural students. These rural agrarian communities served as sources of friendship, support, and familiarity, and thus contributed to their perceived success. Although further research is needed to confirm these findings, educators of all levels are encouraged to promote the formation of rural peer groups and to encourage rural agrarian students to embrace and share their backgrounds, cultures, and unique skills and interests.

Author Biography

Morgan Chesbro, Kansas State University

Morgan Chesbro is a doctoral candidate in Curriculum & Instruction at Kansas State University. She also serves as an online adjunct instructor in teacher education for Ottawa University. Her research interests center around rural farm youth attending college, with particular attention to the importance of place identity.




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