Blended Instruction: The Roaring Twenties Meets Coursesites


  • Diane L. Waldron Post University


Assessment for learning, blended instruction,, computers in education, technology in education, high school


The action research study described in this report follows the design and implementation of a blended learning unit in a traditional English classroom. Twenty technical high school students in an 11th grade Honors English class engaged in a variety of internet-based activities in conjunction with traditional activities while studying The Great Gatsby. The instructor chose to use for the learning management system, where students entered a virtual classroom to take surveys and quizzes; engaged in collaborative discussions in discussion forums, wikis, and blogs; and worked in collaborative online groups to create a final wiki or website. Use of internet resources, discussion forums, and other 21st century learning tools sparked new excitement for learning, and made an old favorite accessible to modern young minds.

Author Biography

Diane L. Waldron, Post University

I am in my sixteenth year of teaching high school English, and recently graduated from Post University with a Master of Education, teaching and learning concentration.




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