Disposition and Early Childhood Education Preservice Teachers: Where to Start?

  • Ursula Charmayne Thomas University of West Georgia
Keywords: teacher thinking, teacher reflectivity, teacher disposition, teacher induction


Abstract: This study explores teacher education programs and preservice teacher dispositions. The study examined the dispositions of two sections of a reading methods course populated by preservice teachers. A dispositions checklist was used to collect data in three phases and from two audiences. The findings of the study strongly suggest that preservice teachers struggle with surfacing and identifying their own dispositions; as well as their peersâ dispositions. The study also shows that the perception of preservice teachersâ dispositions differ greatly from the perception the instructor of the course. Implications from this study suggest further development of practices that surface disposition and strategic use of data to improve teacher dispositions; within teacher education programs.

Author Biography

Ursula Charmayne Thomas, University of West Georgia
Assistant Professor of Early Childhood Curriculum and Instruction
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