Reflective Teaching, Self and Coping with Negative In-school Factors

  • Mark Anthony Minott University College of the Cayman Islands
Keywords: Reflection, Reflective teaching, coping strategies, negative in-school factors


The connection between reflective teaching and coping with negative in-school factors is documented in international literature. There is however no known local research in the Cayman Islands which examines these areas. This paper contributes to filling this literary gap, by reporting on a study which seeks to understand (from the perspective of local teachers) what constitute reflective teaching, negative in-school factors, and how teaching reflectively aid in coping with negative factors. In-school factors cited by teachers in the study are: heavy workload, mandated policies, disagreement with colleagues and inadequate interpersonal relational skill among colleagues. By reflecting on these factors, the respondents arrived at a number of solutions to the challenge of heavy work load and employed both direct and indirect coping strategies in response to mandated policies and inadequate interpersonal relational skills among colleagues.

Author Biography

Mark Anthony Minott, University College of the Cayman Islands
My research interests are in Teacher Education, Reflective Teaching and the Performing Arts. Examples of articles can be found in peer reviewed Journals such as the Australian Journal of Teacher Education, International Journal of Music Education (United Kingdom),Journal of the University College of the Cayman Islands and Professional Development in Education (United Kingdom) (Article in Press).
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