Education websites and their benefits to potential international students: a case study on tertiary institutions in Malaysia

  • Henry Ho Swinburne University of Technology
  • Teik Chooi Ooi Intel Technology
  • Siti Amri Griffith University
Keywords: private tertiary institution, international student, webpage analysis, education in Malaysia


This paper looks at all possible areas on how tertiary institution websites could benefit their potential students from overseas. Effective design of education website is important as web users are typically fastidious and want information fast - this serves as the background of this study. The study focuses on three selected education institutionsâ websites; identifying their strengths and weaknesses, followed by recommendation on how institutions can improve their websites to gain good impression or perception from potential customers, such that they will re-visit the websites to get more information. Ultimately, the goal is to turn potential students to real students. Three private tertiary institutions (all located in Penang, Malaysia) have been identified and used for this study. They are INTI International College Penang, KDU College Penang and Olympia College Penang. These websites are examined against a list of criteria: source, layout, accessibility, speed, navigability, content, accuracy, appropriate level of details, current information and appearance. Based on the study done, the KDU College website is the best website compared to the other two colleges. Nevertheless, further improvement can be made in terms of displaying all course fees, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for international and local student admission, and contact information for faculty, staff and students.

Author Biographies

Henry Ho, Swinburne University of Technology
Henry Ho is a Lecturer in Marketing at Swinburne University of Technology, Lilydale, Australia. Before that, he was a Lecturer in Marketing at Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia. Henry received his Master of Business in Marketing from Victoria University. Prior to his academic career, Henry has extensive industrial experiences in two multinational companies both in Asia and Australia. His current research interests are in customer value creation, virtual network organisation and marketing education. Henry is currently working on his doctorate degree part-time while teaching full-time. Mr. Ho can be reached at
Teik Chooi Ooi, Intel Technology
Teik Chooi Ooi is a Senior Analyst with Intel Technology, Malaysia.
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