Investigating the Effects of an Experimental Approach to Comprehension Instruction within a Literacy Clinic

  • Evan Ortlieb Monash University
  • F D McDowell Texas A&M University- Corpus Christi
Keywords: Reading clinics, Intervention, Remediation, Individualized instruction, Elementary


Reading comprehension levels of elementary students have not significantly improved in the 21st century and as a result, the need for systematic and intensive reading interventions is as high as ever.  Literacy clinics are an ideal setting for struggling readers to experience success through the implementation of a cyclical approach to individual assessment, planning, instruction, and evaluation.  Yet, additional research is needed to create current models of literacy clinics.  This investigation aims to measure the effects of an experimental approach to reading comprehension instruction in the third grade within an off-campus literacy clinic.  Its findings are relevant to those involved in literacy remediation, including literacy clinic directors, preservice educators, and curriculum directors. 

Keywords: literacy, reading clinics, intervention, remediation, individualized instruction, elementary