Transformational School Principal Leadership Behavior and Its Impact on School Climate


  • Edward Leroy Myers Temple University


School Leadership, Organizational Climate, Ethic of Care, Organizational Culture


During the last two decades, researchers and theorists have offered a variety of conceptual designs and empirical findings regarding school leadership conduct, as it relates to organizational climate concerns. As a supplement to the literature, this paper will examine the intentions, decisions, behaviors, and school outcomes associated with one senior high school principal who endeavored to recreate his school organization. The purpose of this paper is to further the understanding of how transformational leadership manifests in the school organization, and to determine how it impacts school climate. The studys findings may be beneficial for school leaders and scholars who wish to better understand the school transformation process.

Author Biography

Edward Leroy Myers, Temple University

Dr. Edward Myers has an extensive and diverse background in the education and behavioral health fields. Ed earned his doctorate from Temple Universitys College of Education, within the department of Psychological, Organizational, and Leadership Studies. His doctoral work included a dual focus in education policy and leadership practice. Previously, he earned B.S. and M.Ed. degrees from East Stroudsburg University. Ed also completed a post-graduate certification program in Educational Administration at Alvernia University, and he completed post-graduate work in education, behavioral health/special education, and research at Saint Josephs University. Currently, Ed serves academia as an adjunct professor of educational administration & policy studies at Temple University and a lecturer of adolescent development, secondary education, and school administration at Alvernia University. For the past nineteen years, Ed has gained valuable professional experience as a school administrator, adjunct professor, teacher, and counselor in the public high school, college/university, and community agency settings. His areas of research and academic interest include: leadership & organizational behavior, philosophy & policy of secondary schools, adolescent learning & development, and qualitative research methods.




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